Ductless systems are a modern and versatile solution for your heating and cooling needs. Unlike traditional central air conditioners and furnaces that use ductwork, these systems can be applied to a single room or a full home to provide the perfect level of comfort and efficiency.

We can help you learn more about how a ductless heating and cooling system can benefit your home or business.

How does a ductless system work? 

They pump cooled or heated refrigerant directly to the wall or ceiling-mounted air-handling unit and is controlled by a remote.

  • The indoor unit uses refrigerant to cool or heat air and quietly pushes the air to where you need it.
  • Refrigerant and electrical lines connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit through a small opening in the exterior wall.
  • The outdoor unit’s state-of-the-art heat pump cools or warms refrigerant and sends it to the air handler, which continuously monitors the room for changes in temperature. 

Single zone use 

Ductless is a perfect solution for homes with problem rooms like a great room with a high ceiling, or large glass exposure, a sun room or addition. Even a converted attic, or a remodeled room over a garage.

Ductless systems allow you to pinpoint the area of your home you want to condition, which always takes some of the load off your existing HVAC system, saving you money.

Multi-zone use 

With a ductless system it’s easy to choose exactly how much you want to heat or cool each room or zone of your home to accommodate your family’s preferences and lifestyle.

With a ductless solution from Jones Heating & Cooling Inc., you can eliminate energy use in the rooms you’re not using, or design a climate in your home based on the factors that make you and your home unique.

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