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Why let your comfort wait?

We can Finance all Heating & Air Conditioning Systems we sell with approved credit. Financing is also available for Repairs and Accessories. Low monthly payments combined with low utility bills. That's our goal and a new high efficiency Air Conditioning system can deliver it.

Purchasing a new Heating & Air Conditioning system can be stressful.

No one gets excited about spending several thousand dollars. Especially if it's unexpected. Heating and A/C systems also typically seem to break down in the most extreme weather. This leaves you and you're family in an uncomfortable situation. We can give you options you can get excited about. We can offer you the perfect system and financing plan to fit your needs. Older 8-10 Seer A/C Systems are very inefficient compared to the newer 14+ seer systems. So typically you can see a 28% to 44%+ reduction in utility bills over the older models. Now if you combine the lower utility bills with a low monthly payment you could actually be saving money every month. With the benefits of more comfort, a warranty and piece of mind.

We can also Finance Costly Repairs.

If you have a costly repair don't sweat it. If it's $300 or more you can Finance it with 0% down and 0% interest for 12 months. Don't let cash flow stand in the way of your comfort.

SEER-Rating-Savings-ChartWhat is Seer?

Seer is the Air Conditioning Industries way for rating efficiency of their units. Seer stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Think of it like Miles Per Gallon or MPG in a car. The higher the number the more efficient the A/C unit is. So a 10 seer model is far less efficient than an 18 seer model (44% to be exact). In our region 14 seer is the government mandated minimum seer rating allowed on new systems.

Financing Option Available

FTL trans sml
  • 12 Months No Interest
  • 12 Months No Payments

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first century trans sml
  • 6.25% Interest rate
  • Terms up to 60 Months
  • Low Monthly Payments

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