Getting Ready For Hot Weather

Summer is almost here and before you know it we will be in that uncomfortable, muggy, miserably hot season.  One of the best feelings is coming into the cool air conditioning after being out in the heat.  We’ve got a couple tips to make sure your Air is all ready and comfortable for you when you need it.

First, start your air a little early, just to make sure everything is working properly and if there is a problem, you will know before it gets too hot.

Tune it up.  Call your HVAC Company and have them come out and service your system so everything is running at Peak Performance.

Clean your unit regularly and make sure there are no obstructions.  Change your filters, and keep your vents clean.

Pay attention to condensation.  If you see that you’re having an issue with sweating, have your unit looked at to see if there is an issue. 

Be sure to keep doors and windows sealed and closed

If you notice a problem, call the Professionals before it becomes a major issue. When it is extremely hot and everyone is having issues, it may take several days to get someone out to your house and if you have no air, it can get pretty uncomfortable very fast

Hot weather conditions can be very dangerous, especially for the elderly, children, and animals.  It is always better to be as prepared as possible.