Extremely cold temperatures take their toll on all of us.  Your HVAC system isn’t excluded in this.  There is nothing more chilling than waking up on a cold morning to find your system has given out and you have no heat.  It’s important to prepare your Heating and Cooling system for these harsh conditions.  We are going to give you a couple of tips that we have learned through our experiences that will help your unit survive the winter.

Firstly, regular maintenance throughout the year will go a long way.  Be sure you have your system serviced twice a year.  This will ensure your unit has been cleaned, isn’t low on refrigerant, that it is functioning properly, and all the vital components of your system are up to par.

Next, BE SURE to change your filters regularly, preferably monthly.  This generally will take you 5 minutes or less and will increase your systems productivity greatly.  It clears up the amount of dirt in your HVAC, your duct work, and your home.  This is essential in assisting your system to withstand harsh winters.

To conserve energy leave the thermostat set to the same temperature.  Consider installing a programmable thermostat to help save on energy bills.  Inspect doors and windows for noticeable air loss gaps and keep your unit free of snow and debris.

Most importantly, if you notice something isn’t working just right on your system, have someone come out and take a look right away.  Don’t wait until freezing and have your system fail you.  It is much better to be prepared and know everything is functioning properly than to find yourself without heat in dangerous conditions.