Could Geothermal Be The System You’ve Been Searching For?


Have you considered purchasing a geothermal system?  Have you heard of it but aren’t all that familiar with it?  There are many benefits you’ll get from deciding to go with this energy efficient system.


Geothermal is the greenest, most efficient, most cost effective heating and cooling system available right now.  This is because it uses solar energy that comes right from your yard, providing you with a consistent renewable resource of power.


Because geothermal harnesses the stable underground temperature, you can expect to greatly decrease your heating, cooling, and hot water costs.  Along with a 30% tax credit for upgrading to an energy efficient system, you can see that geothermal is definitely a money saving way to go.


Regardless of the weather above the surface, the ground maintains a temperature of around 55 degrees a few feet down.  This provides geothermal systems with a consistent source of energy, making a more comfortable temperature in your home year round.


Geothermal energy is the internal heat that is contained in the rock and fluids beneath the earth’s crust.  Most of this heat is being continuously replenished, and therefore provides a cheaper solution than oil and electricity that is required for other heating and cooling systems.  For more information or any questions call us at (859) 623-9295